Past Lives Nottingham with Lakeside Arts Centre

In 2014 we worked in partnership with Lakeside Arts Centre to call out for Nottingham cine film, photos and memories of everyday past lives in the region, through the project we will digitised, and edited local amateur home movie footage to show an often forgotten side of everyday life. These amateur films included footage from the 1930s to 1970s including the Goose Fair, Wollaton Park, and BBC Radio in 1970s.

Also featured was the funeral procession St Ann’s. St Ann’s area of Nottingham was being demolished to make way for new developments, the footage in the film shows a community saying goodbye to their streets, pubs and neighbourhood.

The footage in Past Lives Nottingham shows a rapidly changing city with footage from street scenes, fairs, carnivals to weddings  and everyday life.

We have also developed an online archive which you can access here: Past Lives Nottingham archive



Photo of Lakeside Arts Centre, our partner for Past Lives Nottingham

Nottingham DVD available now

To buy DVDs for £12 each via PayPal click here: Buy DVD. You don’t need a PayPal account to purchase, you can also use a debit or credit card.You can also fill out the form or contact us via Facebook/Past Lives Project  or

Past Lives is a not-for-profit project, the price of the DVD goes towards supporting the cost of digitising cine film and dvd printing costs. 



4 thoughts on “Nottingham

  1. do you have projectors to run 9.5 film. I have several films which belong to my late father in law. I have his projector but not sure how to run it.

    • HI Graham

      We recommend not putting cinefilm through a projector as it may have lost elasticity over the years and could easily break on first viewing. We use Timeless Moments in Ilkeston to digitise cine film footage

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