Ironbridge, Madeley & Telford

Ironbridge Museum was our second region in Past Lives Project, we had the great pleasure of working with Ironbridge Gorge Museum staff, volunteers and the local community.

Ironbridge Past Lives Project

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Our first event was the launch on 28th March where we showed Past Lives Midlands to a full house. During our time working in Ironbridge we ran reminiscence vintage cafe open days, met film depositors, archives, museum staff and volunteers, ran music workshops, and created a new film of the region which we show in September 2014 at Ironbridge Museum World Heritage Day.

The film featured amazing footage of Ironbridge, Madeley, Jackfield, Coalbrookdale, Wellington, Broseley and surrounding areas from the 1950s onwards. And was shown with a live music performance, the music was a collaboration between international musicians Dave Sturt and Theo Travis working with staff and pupils of Abraham Darby Academy School. The final performance music also featured strings from Sinfonia Viva Orchestra.

Majority of footage included in the Past Lives Ironbridge film has not been shown publicly before. Through our open days, press releases and events we have uncovered spectacular local footage, and met dedicated amateur cinematographers who have spent years recording historic events, high days and holidays in their home town. These individual films that went into Past Lives Ironbridge captured many significant events in the region including the following footage:

Ironbridge power station being built in the 1960s, showing the labourers hard at work building it by hand, and the breathtaking vista from the top of the towers giving a birds eye view of the region.

Workers Building Cooling Towers


Local carnivals and fairs, with footage from the 1960s & 70s of Jacksfield Summer Fair, Wellington and Broseley Carnivals, Scout parades and Armistice Day Parades in Madeley with footage of local WWI & WWII heroes in procession.

Carnival Wellington


Another local hero featured in Past Lives Ironbridge is Eustace Rogers, the last of a long line of Ironbride Coracle makers. This cine footage was shot by local Jackfield couple George and Edna Morris who over many decades have recorded important and everyday events of the region.

Eustace Rodgers Coracle Maker

Past Lives Ironbridge film was shown to a packed house for a one-off showing with live music at the Ironbridge Museum World Heritage day 2014.

To buy DVDs for £12 each via PayPal click here: Buy DVD. You don’t need a PayPal account to purchase, you can also use a debit or credit card.You can also fill out the form or contact us via Facebook/Past Lives Project  or

This cost goes towards supporting digitisation and production of the film; Past Lives is a not-for-profit project.





One thought on “Ironbridge, Madeley & Telford

  1. Past lives project Ironbridge Gorge is an exciting endeavour. I’m a big fan of Ironbridge and all they’ve accomplished in preserving an exciting and valuable industrial and architechtural (world) heritage site. I made a visit to Ironbridge in the 80’s and still hear the Past Lives of the bridge, the gorge, the Severn, Blist Hill and Coalbrookdale singing in unison. How beautifully rich and enriching it all is. I stayed at the youth hostel on the hill and was the self-invited guest of Niel Cousins who introduced me to the Museum Trust organization. Inspiring to this day. I feel like family. Is that too ostentatious? No matter. Ironbridge has stolen my heart. Fond memories.

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