Mansfield Cine Films


This footage was donated to Past Lives Project by Fred Hutchinson and Keith Morris. Fred owned a camera shop in Sutton in Ashfield for many years and he transferred this footage decades ago. Since then the details of the people who are in the film have been lost and we are hoping that, through the project, we can find out more about who they were. The film shows the couple looking at a copy of a book called ‘The History of Mansfield’ by W. Horner Groves then driving around the town looking for the historic places portrayed. An original copy of the book is held by Harvard University.

This clip is part of a longer film ‘Past Lives Mansfield’, a feature film created from home movies / amateur cine film shot in Mansfield Notts and surrounding areas.

We will be uploading Mansfield cine film digitised by Past Lives Project to this page over the next few weeks, please check back here for updates.

And if you would like to order a DVD of Past Lives Mansfield please click here

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