Bolsover and Carr Vale Oral History Archive

During Past Lives Bolsover, Chris Ellis, Dave Sturt and Anthony Hatton have been meeting local residents to record their stories and memories of Bolsover and Carr Vale.

Click on the tracks below to hear some of the oral history we’ve recorded, more will be uploaded shortly.

Maureen & Anne  Keys talking about their father Ron Keys

Maureen Keys & her sister Anne tell the story of the recording booth that their father stepped into to record his singing 60 years ago and the disc that they still have but had not been able to play for decades…

Recording booths used to be very popular, here’s a short film of the last public record booth in the world

Fred Webley takes Chris Ellis and Dave Sturt on a memory walk

Dave Sturt and Chris Ellis take a walk with Fred Webley to look for what remains of the Byron Brickworks below Carr Vale. Read more about this in the event blog post.

Alan Hulme

Interviewed by Anthony Hatton and Dave Sturt
Recorded on 10/07/14 at his home in Hillstown.
Alan originally lived in Carr Vale then moved to the Model Village.
He was a Banksman at Bolsover colliery. He is commenting on video filmed by Michael Turford of Bolsover pit being decommissioned.


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