Do you know this Derby film?

We’ve received some amazing footage donated for the Derby Past Lives film by Jim Walters who tells us that this film was originally shot by Bernard Wood (deceased), and Jim and Bernard were both members of Derby Cine Club.


Demolition of St Alkmund's Church, Derby 1968

Demolition of St Alkmund’s Church, Derby 1968

The Spot, Derby 1965

The Spot, Derby 1965

Morledge Market, Derby 1965

Morledge Market, Derby 1965

Market Place, Derby 1965

Market Place, Derby 1965

These stills were not taken not from the original film but from a recording of the film being projected on to a wall and re-filmed, this is a common technique where people project their original cine film onto a blank wall and record with another camera usually a VHS or digital camera, the trouble with technique is that the VHS or digital copy loses a lot of the quality of the original and film and like in this case the original is often lost. But we are incredibly glad that Jim recorded this from the original and that we are able to glimpse Derby’s past, and we hope with help of the Derby public we might be able to trace the original film.
We have tried to trace the film, but we’ve not had any luck so far tracing relatives of Bernard, or other people who may know of the original. If you do know anything about this story you can get in touch with Past Lives Film editor Anthony Hatton on 07890211524 or via
The film made from these donated cine films will be shown at QUAD on 13th June 2pm, tickets are already selling fast. Film includes live music created for the silent home movies, by international musicians, Sinfonia Viva Orchestra strings, and local Derby musicians. Tickets available from QUAD website or you can call the box office on 01332 290606
And we’re still digitising Derby films until 15th May so look in your attic, under your bed, in the back of your cupboards, if you have cine film shot in Derby, could be anything from weddings, christenings, parties, street views, even your front room! Whatever it is as long as it’s shot in Derby we want to see it and maybe able to digitise it for you! Get in touch.

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