A full house for the screening of Past Lives Nottingham


It was satisfying to be able to share the finished Past Lives Nottingham film with such a full audience





After several very long days getting the final picture edits and scoring right, we arrive at Lakeside Arts for the get-in and final rehearsal…


Trevor our sound engineer was remarkably fresh for a man just that day returned from a US tour with King Crimson…


A moment to attempt to assemble the score in the right order…

Time to see if it all actually plays as we expect it to…



Deidre (Cello) and Kelly (Violin) meet the score for the first time.


Composer / performers Cameron & Eleanor splitting the piano part into four hands on sight… no mean feat.

Audience in,  lights out, and the screening begins

IMG_3210Flute lightIMG_3223IMG_3208

The credits rolled to the rousing sound of a march  – MEN OF TRENT  – by Eric Coates written specifically for the Nottingham Police Band in the mid 1950s and specially recorded by them for this showing under their musical director Gary Glover… a great finale…    

After much justified applause, there was a curtain call for our composers Katie Powdrill, Matt Arwhen-Langham, Cameron Wedgewoth and Eleanor Beestin; and then a very special guest…

Mike Riley spotted a picture of himself as a little boy in one of the film images that was published at the beginning of the project; he contacted Lakeside and has since done some great interviews about it on T.V. and in the papers. Mike is a mine of information about Nottingham and and particularly about the Railways – a joy to chat with. He agreed to come along and say hello.


Mike takes the stage


left to right Debbie Cooper, Mike Riley, Composer Matt Arwhen-Langham, Chris Ellis (seated) ; Composers Eleanor Beestin and Cameron Wedgeworth.

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