Great Nottinghamshire Local History Fair

Recently we held a stall at the ‘Great Nottinghamshire Local History Fair’, we had a great day out and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet history groups from Mansfield and Nottingham, particularly as we’ll be bringing Past Lives Project to both of those regions in the next year.

We had a fantastic meeting with a chap who showed us a photo of his grandfather from Bolsover, we couldn’t believe it when we saw the picture, as we had used the photograph at the Past Lives Exhibition and listed the picture (below) as ‘Unknown Gentleman Carr Vale’, as part of the Past Lives Bolsover Project we partnered with Picture The Past to share some of their archive photos lacking information, in an aim to add provenance to the photos. (Link to Picture the Past original)


So it was fantastic when we learned some more information about the Unknown Gentleman…

The photo was most likely taken at the Station Hotel at Cresswell, and the gentleman’s name is Lewis Shinfield. He worked as a shaft sinker in Cresswell Pit and referred to himself as a ‘German’ and that his original family name was Schoenfeld. The second photo is of Lewis Shinfield’s wife in the middle and his sister and daughter. Photo was taken in 1898 and Lewis died in 1912.

One of the many great things of Past Lives Project are these personal stories that come along with the photos and film, and it’s wonderful to be able to add more provenance to archives.

We’ve forwarded the information to Picture The Past and they will be able to update their archive shortly.

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