Madeley Open Day

On the 10th of May we held Madeley Open Day,  we partnered with the wonderful Reminiscence Vintage who created a fantastic 1940s themed space with vintage china, home made cakes, tablecloths and other loveliness.



We offered cake for memories (who could refuse?) and brought along scanner’s for photographs and the Moviscop for viewing cinefilm. We had lots of film donated on the day, which we’ve sent off to Timeless Moments to have digitised, we will post the results shortly.


Anthony Hatton, Past Lives Project film editor using the Moviscop to look through vintage film with depositors.

We scanned lots of local photos on the day, and had great support from local volunteers; David De Hann who scanned photos, and John Corrock and Peter Wilson from Madeley History Group who helped add local knowledge to photos and film.

We we’re also able to link Madeley History Group with staff from MACE (Media Archive for Central England), one of the aims of our project is to ensure that local history groups develop stronger relationships with regional archives to ensure longevity of collected history.


Emma Morely from MACE, meeting Madeley History Group to discuss looking after archival film


Debbie Cooper scanning photos from local residents with support from John Corrock and Peter Wilson of Madeley History Group

A selection of photos from the Open Day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll be uploading more photos shortly, we’re currently planning more events in Ironbridge, keep up to date with us via this site or Facebook & Twitter

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