Bolsover School Music Workshops

Chris Ellis and Dave Sturt  had a productive workshop with young musicans at Bolsover School, out of these sessions came a musical sequence for 2 acoustic guitars, 1 electric guitar, flute and percussion.

Together the musicans are making a new soundtrack for the donated vintage cine film footage that  Anthony Hatton is developing into a new film of Bolsover to be premiered on 15th March 7pm in Bolsover Assembly Rooms. Follow this link to see some short clips from the donated cine films. (Vintage 8mm films clips of Bolsover)

Photographs from the school workshops

IMG_0032 IMG_0035 IMG_4813 Past Lives workshop 1

Chris took the audio recordings of the session into the studio and produced a written score from them… “not a definitive score yet, of course, but a work in progress…” – Chris Ellis

Score writing in Chris Ellis' studio

Score writing in Chris Ellis’ studio

We’ll be showing the film with the live music production on 15th March, Bolsover Assembly Hall. Come along to the event, tickets available in Bolsover at Beans Cafe or TA Page & Son or via eventbrite

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