First Bolsover & Carr Vale Cine Films


John Platts, met Debbie Cooper and Tony Hatton after hearing about Past Lives Project. Tony and Debbie visited John in his house and he kindly donated a range of 8mm cinefilms he’d filmed over the 1970’s – 80’s to the project. The films were sent off to Timeless Moments to be digitised and we can now some short clips from the films as a sneak preview.

The films are shot beautifully, they capture the everyday lives of Bolsover and Carr Vale in the 70s & 80s. They are all without sound and FreeFall Arts musicians Dave Sturt and Chris Ellis have been working in Bolsover school with young musicians to create a new soundtrack for the films, while Anthony Hatton works on pulling the donated cinefilms together to create a new film of Bolsover Past Lives.

The Past Lives Bolsover film, made from donated vintage footage will be performed at Bolsover Assembly Hall on 15th March 7pm, tickets are available locally (in Bolsover) from Beans Cafe & TA Page & Son, or get your tickets online via eventbrite following the link.

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