Training Day at MACE

The Past Lives Project team recently went on an archive film training day at the Media Archive for Central England, Richard Shenton (opening the shelves so quickly he’s blurred), head of access and learning at MACE took us on a very cold tour of the film stored in temperature controlled conditions. One of the reasons our project has received funding from HLF & ACE is due to the rapid deterioration rate of film footage and the urgent need to do something about this; If film footage is stored in cupboards, lofts, under beds; places where temperature and more importantly humidity fluctuates the footage will be rapidly deteriorating and needs digitising and preserving straight away before the footage becomes so damaged that it will be unable to be saved or viewed.


Row upon row of archive shelves, which first must be unwound to allow us to walk between


Dave Sturt & Anthony Hatton with Richard Shenton of MACE


Richard gives us an idea of how the 8mm film may look when it is donated to the project


Often donated footage comes in boxes with lots of other ephemera (bits and bobs)

Donated footage often comes in boxes with other bits of ephemera, things we might expect to also find with the footage will be notes, audio reels, photos etc. These items are not in MACE’s remit as they deal with footage alone, but for the Past Lives Project other ephemera will be perfect!


More shelves of film and ephemera to explore!


Projector and film reels


Titles on film reels that entice curiosity, many of these films are awaiting digitisation due to cutbacks in public funding


Black Magic… No.20, not at first what it seems – these films were donated by the Coal Board


‘Know your film’ a handy guide to help us identify the types of donated film and get an idea of when the film (not the footage) was produced


Moviscop – a fabulous device from Germany that allows film viewing without damaging the film

Our training day with MACE has left us feeling ready to start taking footage from the public, but we’re glad that MACE are only a phone call (or quick trip to Lincoln away) and will be supporting us with their vast knowledge throughout the project over the next 2 years. MACE staff will also be attending some of the Past Lives Project open days so look out for MACE at those, our first open day will be 30th Nov 2013, 10am -2pm Bolsover Parish Rooms (more dates to follow shortly)

Please check out MACE’s regularly updated blog:

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