Bolsover Heritage Day

What a Day!
Past Lives Project was kindly invited by Bolsover Heritage Society to take part in Bolsover Heritage Day, as we only recieved our Arts Council Funding confirmation on Saturday (1 week ago we weren’t quite ready to launch the project yet, but the heritage day was too good an opportunity to turn down.

The very talented Laura Vann (illustrator, designer and digital marketer) designed these leaflets for us at very short notice.

Past Lives 1Past Lives  2

We had a stall in Bolsover Parish Church, a lovely space where we will be performing Past Lives on 29th November 2013

20131005-211144.jpgBolsover Parish Church is a lovely building, we couldn’t ask for a better space to perform the Past Lives film and music in.

We were amazed and excited by local residents we met many of whom said they have cinefilm footage which they will share with the project. One chap even went home and fetched in a reel of footage and a projector,

Wow! It was amazing to see local history coming to life in front of our eyes.

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